Northwest Lindy Hop Championships 2019 Results


Solo Challenge

Elaine Buchignani



1st The 606 Special

2nd Three Dots and a Dash

3rd Which Tub?



1st Austin Neverman & Kali Henson

2nd Blake Thiessen & Grace Babbes

3rd Stefan Huynh & Elaine Buchignani


Balboa Couples Jam

1st Blake Thiessen & Hannah Manning

2nd Vasu Sharma & Theresa Manney

3rd Andrew Wilson & Joy Jing


Beginner Lindy Hop Social

1st Keith Barrack & Rachel Brown

2nd Minh Hoang & Trent Noland

3rd Suhas Akshay Kumar & Marie Jose


Open Lindy Hop Social

1st Stefan Huynh & Calvin Lu

2nd Bryan Soto & Theresa Manney

3rd Blake Thiessen & Kelly Young


Lindy Hop Couples

1st Stefan Huynh & Elaine Buchignani

2nd Steven Plummer & Analisa Sutherland

3rd Blake Thiessen & Hannah Manning


Spirit of Lindy Hop

Rachel Brown

Presented by Camp Jitterbug LLC

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