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Meet Frankie Ambassadors 

Traci Bartlow and Kevin "Youngdope" Harris

Camp Jitterbug is so excited to announce that we are welcoming two Frankie Ambassadors with the Frankie Foundation this year. They are both very accomplished Hip Hop dancers and will be participating during the weekend with teaching and/or performing. Please read about them and make sure to stop and say hello, ask them to dance and welcome them to our Lindy Hop scene.

Traci Bartlow
Oakland, CA

Traci Bartlow is a hip hop dancer, teacher and performer from Oakland, California. She attended Herrang as an Ambassador in 2011 and enjoys incorporating Lindy Hop and authentic jazz material in her workshops and performances.


This year she will be presenting her work in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival June 6, 7 and, New York City's Summerstage July 17- 22. She hosts Norma Miller for a special event in Oakland annually.

Kevin "Youngdope" Harris

Los Angeles, CA

Kevin "Youngdope" Harris is an accomplished hip hop dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. He is from Los Angeles where he has danced for the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie & Nellie Furtado. Her has choreographed for Mariah Carey and About A Boy to name a few.


Kevin is the grandson of Al Minns, who was one of the great lindy hoppers of the Savoy Ballroom and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers with Frankie Manning and Norma Miller and appeared in the film Hellzapoppin!


We will be honoring Al Minns during Saturday's Lunchtime Lecture

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