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The Jump Session Show
Saturday, May 25th 2024

At Washington Hall 
Doors open at 6:45pm
Showtime 7pm 
Campers $35
General Public $40 (includes a $10 discount to the dance after the show!)


Come and join us for the return of The Jump Session Show to celebrate National Tap Day and World Lindy Hop Day. The Jump Session Show is a performace with some of the greatest dancers from around the world, celebrating Lindy Hop and Jazz dance.  It is a spectacular show that is great for dancers and non dancers alike!

Washington Hall is located at 1531 14th Ave in Seattle at the corner of 14th & Fir


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The Jump Session Show will be held at the historic Washington Hall which is rich with Seattle Jazz history and featured many greats such as Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday.
Chester Whitmore & Sugar Sullivan
Sharon Davis & Sister Kate
Bobby Bonsey
Max Pittruzella & Alice Mei
Meschiya Lake
Ryan Francois
Chester Whitmore & Sara Deckard
Nina Gilkenson
Sharon Davis
Sakarias Larsson & Pontus Persson
Mattias & Hanna Lundmark
Chester Whitmore & Norma Miller
Max Pittruzella & Annie Trudeau
Mikey Pedroza & Ria DeBiase
Bobby Bonsey
Laura Glaess
Sharon Davis
Soochan Lee & Hyn Jung Choi
Jovon Miller
Ramona Staffeld & Naomi Uyama
Gaby Cook
Pontus Persson
Chris Chapman & Jenna Applegarth
Peter Loggins & Mia Goldsmith
Lennart Westerlund
Jovon Miller & Chester Whitmore
Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl
Pontus Persson
Stefan Durham & Bethany Pratt
Chance Bushman & Amy Johnson
Frida Segerdahl
Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat
Nina Gilkenson
Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat
Kevin St Laurent & Juan Villafane
William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer
Todd Yannacone & Pamela Gaizutete
Jovon Miller & Ryan Francois
Sharon Davis
Sharon Daves
Gaby Cook & Robin Nunnally
Mattias & Hanna Lundmark
Northern Lights
Michael Darigol & Brittan Johnson
Gaby Cook
Nina Gilkenson
Patrick Szmidt & Natasha Oimet
Gaby Cook
Alice Mei
Crystal Lee & Jeongwoo Hong
Bobby Bonsey
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