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Camp Jitterbug is proud to NOT be in a hotel. We like to showcase the amazing architecture and character of our local venues in this hip city with such rich cultural history. All of the venues are within walking distance, and are near to bars, restaurants, hotels, and bus lines.

1. Century/WHall 915 E Pine St

2. The MAC Gym/Studio 1718 Broadway

3. First Baptist Gym 1111 Harvard Ave

4. Washington Hall 153 14th Ave

5. Silver Cloud Hotel 1100 Broadway

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Century Ballroom

915 E. Pine St. (second floor in Oddfellows' Building) 
Seattle, WA 

The Century is our headquarters. This is where we will hold registration, check in, competitions, lectures and the wrap party.  This beautiful turn of the century ballroom is one of the most historic dance halls in Seattle. With great ambiance and a large dance floor, this is the perfect workshop venue! The Century Ballroom will be our late night and evening venue for the dances, as well as our class venue. We are so excited about this wonderful opportunity to dance the night away in the best ballroom in Seattle!

Washington Hall 

153 14th Ave 
Seattle, WA 


Washington Hall will be our Saturday night venue and is one of the most historically significant venues in Seattle which hosted musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix. With a large and fabulous wood floor and a spacious balcony, Washington Hall is a fabulous venue!! It is a 15 minute walk or a very short drive from Silver Cloud Hotel. 



West Hall 

915 E. Pine St. (second floor in Oddfellows' Building) 
Seattle, WA 


This ballroom is the sister space to the Century Ballroom. Located on the same floor, and next to the Tin Table, it has a fast floor, great ambiance and a wall full of mirrors.  This will be a workshop and dance venue.



The MAC Gym

1718 Broadway Avenue
Seattle, WA 

Located in the Mitchell Activity Center, the gym will be a spacious workshop venue.  It is conveniently located less than a block from the Century Ballroom.

The MAC  Dance Studio

1718 Broadway 
Seattle, WA 

Located less than a block from the Century Ballroom, the dance studio will be one of our workshops venues It is spacious with mirrors and hardwood floors.

First Baptist Gym

1111 Harvard Ave
Seattle, WA 


Located in between the Century Ballroom and the Silver Cloud Hotel, this spacious gym will be one of our workshops venues.

The Tin Table

915 E. Pine St. (second floor in Oddfellows' Building) 
Seattle, WA 


The Tin Table is housed in the newly renovated Odd Fellow’s building on the 2nd floor across the hall from Century Ballroom.

At The Tin Table, we aim to create beauty in our food, drink, and atmosphere and to make you feel special whether you are having a leisurely meal or a quick bite. The ambiance is relaxing and conducive to sitting and socializing for hours should you desire.


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