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Fiscal Sponsor
Fiscal Sponsorship Provided By Northwest Film Forum

We are excited to announce that we have a fiscal sponsorship with Seattle's Northwest Film Forum (located on Capitol Hill). This allows for you to make tax deductible donations and employee matches to support Camp Jitterbug. Donations are made to Northwest Film Forum but are delivered to Camp Jitterbug through fiscal sponsorship. Please click on the link below to show your support to keep Camp Jitterbug sustainable and going strong in our dance community!

Jump Session Show Silver Sponsors

We would like to extend a special thank you to our Silver Sponsors!

Crystal Hess

Jim & Tina Houston

Grant Sponsors

We are grateful for the opportunities and support that our government and local grant sponsors have given Camp Jitterbug. Thank you for supporting the arts and dance community!

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Media Sponsor

We are very excited to have Racketeer Radio KFQX Seattle do a live broadcast and interviews. Paul Riding at will be doing a free livestream throughout the event as well!

Prize Pass Sponsors

We have several amazing events who have donated passes as prizes to our 1st place winners at the Camp Jitterbug & the Northwest Lindy Hop Championships.  

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