After doing a lot of waiting, considering and lengthy discussions with health experts, we have decided to postpone Camp Jitterbug to 2022. We want to come back in full force once everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated, our community has reached herd immunity, there is a national antibody/vaccine online portal or system in place to prove immunity, air travel is safe and we can dance with each other again safely. I feel confident that these things will be in place and ready to go by May 2022. We want to return when we can dance freely and not be concerned about our own safety and the safety of others being at risk. I think this is the most responsible way to move forward at this point.


For those of you who have credit, it will be transferred to 2022 automatically. We appreciate all of you who chose to keep your 2020 registration as a credit since it allows us to stay solvent in order to open again in 2022. THANK YOU and we can't wait to welcome you back next year. For those of you who aren't in a position to keep the 2020 credit, please contact us and we will issue a refund.


There is a lot to be hopeful for...efficacious vaccines are being implemented and more vaccine options are on the way. I am very grateful and I am excited about the future. Please stay safe and I can't wait to see you all in 2022!! It will be a truly celebratory release of dancing, music and joy.


Thank you for all of your support through these trying times.

Tonya & the Camp Jitterbug team

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London, England

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