Camp Jitterbug Competitions

Welcome to the Camp Jitterbug competitions page:
No rules, high energy and FUN! 

We are excited to feature four competitions during the weekend with the Return of Camp 
Jitterbug this year: Balboa Couples, Lindy Hop Social, Lindy Hop Couples and Solo. We want 
our event to be a safe, positive and inclusive place to return to dancing and competing. We
are emphasizing no rules and low pressure competing that is focused on having FUN again!

Sign ups for competitions will be available during your registration process.
You must be registered for either a Full Weekend Pass or a Dancer/Competitor Pass
in order to enter the competitions.
You will get your competition numbers at the check in or at the evening dance of that competition during the competition check-in.
Please arrive promptly to ensure we start on time. Masks (surgical grade or higher) are required at Camp Jitterbug. 


*All competitors must purchase a competitors pass or full weekend pass

Lindy Hop Couples:  $50 per couple

Balboa Couples: $50 per couple

Open Lindy Hop Social:  $25 per person

Solo Challenge: $25 per person

Competition Prizes 
All winners will receive cash (amount based on how many people compete) and trophies.

Competition Schedule

Balboa Jam 
Competition fee: $50 per couple

Location: Century Ballroom

Start Time: Saturday 11:00 PM 

Check-in Time: 10:30 PM
Depending on the number of competitors, we will have everyone dance to live music until we have narrowed our finalists down. 
The final couples will dance in a  jam style format to live music.



Open Lindy Hop Social Prelims
Competition fee: $25 per person

Location: Century Ballroom 

PRELIMS Start Time: Saturday 5:00 PM

Check-in Time: 4:45 PM

The Open Lindy Hop Social will be open to all dancing levels.  No partner required.  You will rotate partners three times and will be

judged individually in the prelims.

Open Lindy Hop Social Finals

Location: Stuart Hall

FINALS Start Time: Saturday 10:00 PM

Check-in Time: 9:30 PM

In the finals, you will be randomly paired with someone and you will be judged as a couple.

Finals will be danced to live music.

Winners will be selected for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placements.

Solo Charleston & Jazz 
Competition fee: $25 per person

Location: Stuart Hall

Start Time: Saturday 12:00 AM 

Check-in Time: 11:45 PM
This contest is open to everyone and is a lot of fun. We will play different types of music

(Charleston, Swing, Jazz, maybe a surprise style mixed in).  Bring your best SOLO dancing.  

The preliminary heat will be danced as an all-skate.  Judges will select competitors to advance to the finals.  

We will continue immediately to the finals with a jam-style battle to DJ'd music.  The final winner will be selected by

audience applause. Whoever captures the audience's attention and admiration will win! 


Lindy Hop Couples Prelims
Competition fee: $50 per couple

Location: Century Ballroom

FINALS Start Time: Saturday 5:00 PM

Check-in Time: 4:45 PM

Open to all levels. You will dance with your partner to several songs at different tempos and the finalists will be
selected for the finals Sunday evening. The finals will be jam style format to live music.

Lindy Hop Couples 


Location: Century Ballroom

FINALS Start Time: Sunday 11:00 PM

Check-in Time: 10:30 PM

Finals will be battle and jam style format to live music. No competitor numbers will be needed.


Spirit of Lindy Hop

This has been our most important award of the weekend for many years.  This award goes to a special someone

at the camp who exemplifies the Spirit of Lindy Hop by participation, positive attitude, friendliness, spreading

the love of Lindy Hop and overall awesomeness.  The Spirit of Lindy Hop is announced at the Awards Ceremony

on Sunday night and is awarded a full weekend pass to the following Camp Jitterbug year as well as a pass to the

American Lindy Hop Championships.


Awards Ceremony

Location: Century Ballroom

Sunday 12:30 AM 


All of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competition winners will be awarded trophies and cash prizes.   

Our Spirit of Lindy Hop will be announced and receive a free pass to next year's Camp Jitterbug!