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We will not be holding auditions this year. However, we will have people that check on the tracks to make sure people have placed themselves appropriately.


Track Levels


This level will be for dancers who have had one to several Lindy Hop classes and are still working on their fundamentals. It is expected that you can do a Swing Out and other basics moves. This is also a great track level for those who want to re-establish their fundamentals or switch leader/follower roles.

This level is for dancers who have a solid foundation with the fundamentals and have been dancing for a few years. They are a solid social dancer and feel confident executing patterns, styling and moves.


This level is for dancers who are some of the top dancers on the social dance floor. You are confident in your abilities and have been dancing for several years or longer. You are focused on bigger concepts such as high level connection, musicality, etc.

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