Please note that ALL ELECTIVES ARE OPEN TO ALL TRACKS and do not need to be decided on in advance. 



This year, we will NOT be holding a group audition on Saturday morning.  Our judges will be auditing the first Advanced and Advanced Plus classes on Saturday morning.  So, just enjoy your first class and we will place people accordingly if you are not in the appropriate level.  


To Contest Track Placement: 

If you feel like we made a mistake, you are welcome to contest and have a personalized audition at KofC.  Please let one of our audition staff know immediately if you want to contest your placement.



Please keep in mind that this audition process is relative and space is limited. We must do this to maintain the quality and balance for each track so that everyone can get the most out of the workshop classes.  


NO TRACK JUMPING BETWEEN TRACK LEVELS!!! This is very important since it will disturb the class sizes and balance throughout the weekend. Once you pick a track, you have to stay in that track.

You have a few Lindy Hop classes and/or workshops under your belt. The basics are comfortable, but you would like to fine-tune them and get more comfortable on the social dance floor. Higher tempos are a bit challenging

Requirement for this track is to know the basics of Lindy Hop.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop socially for a few years now and you are definitely striving to reach a profound level with your dancing. Social dancing comes more naturally to you now and you are building confidence on the floor. You are executing moves and patterns, but your repertoire is getting old. You want to bring more styling and footwork variations into your dancing. You want more options out on the dance floor, you want to further fine-tune your technique and you are ready to bring your Lindy Hop to the next level!


You are one of the better dancers on the social floor and you have a lot of confidence. Moves are old are starting to master your technique and bring musicality into your dancing now. You have been Lindy Hopping for a while and have most likely traveled to events. You have probably taught some local classes and/or workshops and possibly won/placed in some competitions, but you wouldn't say you are the best of the best quite yet. Locally, you may be having trouble finding challenging material so you feel like you aren't improving or being inspired as much as you would like to. You are eager to learn from masters of the dance and want to be inspired so you can move to the next level.   AUDITION ONLY 


You are one of the best dancers on any social floor and the crème of the crop! You have been doing lindy hop for a long time now and have traveled to many lindy hop events to better your dancing. You have a lot of repertoire but want to bring your overall dancing to the next level. You are trying to figure out how to cross into that new territory in lindy hop that is sometimes hard to pin-point. You have developed your own style, but are always open to re-molding yourself. You are ready to be inspired and figure out how to break into being a master.



Track Levels and Auditions